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Water, this only word could characterize this painter as well for the used technique, the watercolour, as for his inspiration’s subjects, the one which does not come from our soul but from an external principle which influences and dominates us. For Le Noir, it’s water, which flows from Venice to Brittany to the sacred river of Benares, the Gange.

Aesthetic shock at the sight of this scenery which is not marked by the power of the oil paintings but full of a sensitivity which gives you moments of plenitude. But let us leave the last word to his admirers.

From Brittany to the Gange in delicate tints, a whole work full of light.

André LE NOIR, an exemplary purity of the drawing, a remarkable sense of the appropriate colour are associated with a perfect technique to which the sensitivity of the artist staging his features with elegance and serenity adds a plus.

Some effects of his watercolours are striking in their peculiar atmosphere, be it a fine depiction achieved in a few brushstrokes or spectacular arrangements.

André Ruellan, art critic

Andre Le Noir guest of honour of the 9th paintings Exhibition.

The paintings exhibition has now become a well anchored tradition in the bondevillaise city life for as each year since 1989, the paintings amateurs may come and contemplate during two days the various works of a great number of painters from the area. In a way it’s the spring artists meeting place.

This year, the cultural affairs committee, whose chairman is Jacques Calvet, deputy mayor, has selected as the guest of honour of this 9th exhibition, Andre Le Noir, watercolour and portrait painter, who will be surrounded by more than thirty other painters, among whom eleven local artists.

Andre Le Noir, born in Paris, entered at the age of 19 the Rouen Fine Arts school, section architecture, then joins, in 1979, the houppevillaise painters association with whom he participates to several exhibitions ; in 1983 , he displays his watercolours at the 87 art gallery, then he exhibits in Rouen, but also in Barentin, Deauville, London, Clères, etc…On many occasions, he was awarded a prize at the norman independent artists exhibition and the last prize he obtained was the watercolours distinction at the independants Rouen exhibition, last january.

Jean-Pierre Emo, deputy mayor in charge of the exhibit organisation, thank the various artists for their participation (…) he also introduced formally Andre Le Noir, author of the watercolour shown on the exhibition’s poster.

The numerous painting and sculpture amateurs had the opportunity to appreciate the diversity of the displayed canvas and sculptures, naïve paintings, norman landscapes, portraits, watercolours,. A bewitching and realistic exhibition.

Saturday morning, the pupils of the Olivier Miannary elementary school task also advantage of this exhibit. “ It’s a positive initiative” pointed out Jean-Pierre Emo.

Andre Le Noir is not unknown. Peninsula inhabitant, he has, among other, recently put on display some of his paintings at the Arzon’s associations house, within the frame of the Rhuys exhibit. Water, this only word could characterise him: the one which flows from Venice to Brittany, particularly in the Morbihan gulf, from the sacred river of Gange to the harbours of Yemen , in the red sea, from Greece and the numerous islands of aegian sea, from Brittany to the gange, tints by tints, appears a work full of light which illuminates his watercolours.

Originated form Rouen, the Georges Mirianon prize has just been awarded to his “Wiew of Jibla in Yemen” at the norman artists 2001 exhibit.

Andre Le Noir owns a noticeable technique for watercolour displaying an exemplary purity of the drawing and an innate sense of the colour as well as a great sensivity. He excels in the landscapes where the water is present everywhere. Brittany, the Morbihan golfe but also Venice where he kept the memory of beautiful masks. Many visitors remember the sketches he presented at the Rhuys exhibition. In his presentation, wonderful portraits catch the attention.

At the old Post office : 71 painters in 365 days

Andre Le Noir paints watercolours whose precision catches immediately our attention and arouses our admiration. He is an architect. He also travels a lot bringing along his sketch book and running to the assult of the greek islands, Venice, India and a at last Honfleur in order to bring back to us works where are nested the atmosphere of these far countries. He tries to translate the landscape in his own way with a paint brush in hand as a dictionary, painting Myconos, Saumur, the Sojon harbour and many other famous and magic spots.

The watercolourists at the honour.

The Georges Mirianon prize greets sight of Jibla in Yemen watercolour due to the talent of Andre Le Noir in an exhibit of a general equilibrated level.

The norman artists exhibit

Several prizes awarded : the Mirianon prize for the very touching watercolour an hindu wiseman or god’s mad by Andre Le Noir.

Bonsecours : the growing success of hivernales

The town prize is conferred to Andre Le Noir from Malaunay for his Red Sea return of fishing.

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