Art critic

Bernard ROQUES

From the architect craft quite often derives a true talent for watercolours. One only has to see in the Normandy region the quality of the expressive pieces of Jacques Le Chevallier or the brio of the regretted François Herr and Georges Mirianon!

Indeed André Le Noir perfectly matches this school and very few are the watercolour artists who can bestow such maestria and such sensitivity in this art full of fluidity and stunning perception of the theme.

Born in Paris, he studied architecture at the Beaux Arts school of Rouen (fine arts school) from 1953 to 1959. In 1979 he joins the association of painters of Houppeville before his first personal presentation in 1983 and the multiple shows which followed, all gratified by numerous pieces and distinctions, supported by many travels where André Le Noir finds the very source of his inspiration.

In this artist, the underlying sketch is of an exemplary mastery and, without appearing in a linear way, structures the work of art with in as much accuracy as finesse. The peculiar sense of colour allows to André Le Noir to associate to it an impeccable technique to which is added this plus captured by the sensitivity, the elegance of the style and the serene way to recreate the impression. As a matter of fact, from the tiniest and simplest painting to the largest and most spectacular arrangement, André Le Noir renders more noble the watercolour and through the scaling down of his subjects unravels a fascinating, generous and magical reality.

The architect gets into his windsheltered nest in the country, the watercolour painter makes it sail on colours which pastelise themselves while the paper quenches its thirst, taming the hazard.

If the builder imposes on us the astonishing drawing strictness (not easy with the water), the watercolourist discloses for us with a sense of decency and by the effect of a subtle light play taking the paper as an accomplice, the poet who he was hiding us. If we add to his gift his love for remote quiet places in the norman country and a well kept friendship with the breton fishermen, one is not surprised by the frankness of his work.

This is the secret chemistry which we invite you to discover…

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